Pedal Bike Rental

We felt in love with bikes long time ago

We are Pedal, a company based in Barcelona, in a gorgeous neighborhood next to the beach called Poblenou. A bike is the most elegant and efficient vehicle on wheels. We have an enormous passion for the cycling sport as well. The bicycle gives you perfect control about time and space. No waiting for buses, no hurries to catch the last metro. Above all, Barcelona is ideal for cycling and the weather is nice whole year long.

Pedal started in 2009, owned by a enthusiastic belgian, as a bike messengers company. After a few years it turned into what it is now. We are offering our rental and tours services since 2013, always in the Poblenou neighbourhood. We are regular cyclists, on the city, on the road and everywhere you could cycle, so we know well what you look for when you rent a bike. In Pedal Bike Rental you will find good bikes, good service and very helpful staff.

Our services

Apart from renting bicycles, we organize guided city bike tours and roadcycling tours. So often, a town reveals his secrets only after observing it for many years. Our guides have a passion for telling the stories of Barcelona. They have a talent to do this in an appealing, relaxed and funny way.

The province of Barcelona and the bigger area of Catalonia are fantastic for road cycling. We can start from Barcelona and do some fantastic routes over here or we can go to the wonderful vineyards of Montsant or Priorat and spend a day riding together over there. There is nothing else we love to do more than that!

Our values

We rent bikes the way we would like to rent them ourselves when we travel: good quality bicycles, confortable and for all your needs from city bike to road bike. Every bike needs to be in perfect mechanical condition. This is why after receiving the bike from the customers, we do a check up of it to guaranteed a decent bike for the next customers.

Our mission

Our mission, the reason why we do this, is to make an enriching and positive impact on your stay in Barcelona. We aim to provide you with a product and service that make your visit more practical, enjoyable and memorable. Achieving this day after day, either with an individual, group or company, gives us an enormous satisfaction.

Our vision

We believe that visiting a city gets only better when you have a bike. It makes you feel at home in a city, you become less of a tourist and more of a visitor.

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