The beautiful natural park of Montseny is the oldest in Catalonia and is also one of the most important, because of its great diversity of plants and vegetation you can find in this relatively small area. Of course what you want to know if how are the roads. Well spectacular and pretty much without traffic.

Let’s resume it like this; ‘The long climb’. You will climb for over 25km at an average of 5% in a breathtaking forest. But you have to be aware that we have to cycle a good 45km to get there (and 45km to get back), not always on the most interesting roads. For this excursion you will be a good day in the saddle (more or less 130km, 6-7 hours) and need a good level of fitness. The highest point is the Turó de l’Home with 1706 meters.

This is one of our favorite rides in autumn when a million different colors of the leafs transform this park in a magical place. And perhaps, we’ll find even snow at the top.

Montseny course.028