Pedal Bike Rental offers you some repairs service for your bike.

The following list of the repairs with the price:

– Flat tire normal bike –> 9€

– Flat tire “holland” bike –> 12€

– Flat tire electric motor bikes –> 19€

– Brakes adjustment –> 6€

– Shifting adjustment –> 6€

– Brake cable replacement –> 7€ per cable

– Brake pads replacement (basic brake pads) –> 10€

– Pedals replacement (basic pedals) –> 10€

– Package bike service: Tires pressure, brakes adjustment, shifting adjustment, clean up, lubrication, security checking –> 20€

We may have forget something to mention, don’t hesitate to call us to know if we can help you.

If you bring your bought bike part, we can install it. Just ask for it.

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