Customize your tour

Discover Barcelona by road bike

Would you like to enjoy a customized road tour near Barcelona? Send us an email ( telling us which would be your perfect ride and we will adapt to your preferences.

cycling trainning

Adapt your training plan

Visiting & training

Cyclist, triathlete, runner? If you are in Barcelona and want to keep following your training plan, you are lucky. We know every single road, path and trail in Barcelona and surroundings, and we can help you adapting your training plan to our city.

You don’t know where to do this climbing intervals, short hill efforts, skill training sessions or how to find a flat road for a recovery ride or time trial intervals…? Just show us your training plan and we will give you the best advices and spots to do it.

Training plan for groups

Are you looking for a training camp in Barcelona?

If you are interested in Barcelona for your next training camp, we can help you to find a good Hotel in the area and organize everything you will need to train around the city. Read more.

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