The staff

Our staff is passionate about the bicycle. Most of the passions that start when you are young, have few chances to leave you. This is the case for our staff. We love what we are doing, so we are dedicated to give you an appreciable moment.

Adrià aka “Fus”

Currently, is owned and managed by Adrià aka “Fus”, a catalan guy who fell in love with cycling when he saw Miguel Indurain winning his first Tour of France. Since then he never stopped pedaling.

He started competing when he was aged 13, on the road. Next year started racing also on the track, and kept combining both until he was 18, when after some good results in catalan and spanish national championships, he decided to focus on sprint events, being able to race in European and World championships on the track.

A few years later he became a member of the UCI track team Catalunya track cycling team, taking part in many world cup events and having good results in international and national races.

After this period he kept training and racing, on the road, track and fixed gear events, and working as a road cycling guide. Currently is a qualified coach by the catalan and spanish cycling federation and the Catalan Sports School. He has a large experience working as a cycling guide. He loves to ride, show new roads and routes and share these experiences with other passionate cyclists like him.

So you know, if you are in Barcelona and would like to go for a ride, better call “Fus”.

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